Monday, February 18, 2013

Be Our Guest

A few weeks ago I signed the contract on the first of what I hope to be many small businesses that generate income to help the poor and preach the gospel.  My goal is to create businesses the provide good employment to church leaders, and then produce an ongoing income string.  I want to fund Bolivian ministries using Bolvian money earned in Bolivia.  The guest house is our frist step.

A guest house is exactly that.  It is a place where guest can stay.  Our house provides a refuge to short term mission island if you will.  It is a place to rest, laugh, talk, debrief and plan.  Short term teams can stay at our guesthouse much cheaper than they can stay in a hotel ($20/night which includes breakfast).  They will have a safe place to leave both ministry and personal items, and access to the highest speed interntet we can get.

More than that...part of every dollar will go to help spread the gospel and minister to the poor.  All of our businesses are non-profit.  We do not take a salary.  Our goal is for 100% of the net profit to be reinvested into the Kingdom of God.  Isn't that cool!

So, if you are a missionary needing a short term place to stay (we have special rates for missionaries and long term guest), or you are coming on a mission team.

Be our guest.  Spread the gospel. Help the poor....all while you sleep in our comfy bed. :)