Friday, February 15, 2013

I Am Not Jumping Out Of A Perfectly Good Airplane.

I am writing this while flying across Central America.  I am not exactly sure where I am, but I am zooming along at about 500 mph and around 40,000 feet high.

I am not nervous.  I have never been a nervous flyer.  It doesn't scare me.  I don't think that we are going to fall out of the sky.  I travel a lot and as a result I have been in some pretty turbulent flights.  I have never thought that the plane was going to crash. 

I trust the laws of physics.  I know that the lift generated by the air pressure of the wings and the velocity of the plane is greater than the downward pull of gravity.  We will fly because the math adds up.

However, I refuse to go prachuting.  I have had four kids now ask me to do this with them.  Nope.  Why?  The same laws that keep the plane in the air apply to the parachute.  It is designed, and the math adds up, to allow me to fall slowly, gently and safely to the earth.  The pull of gravity is adjusted by the resistence of the chute so that my downward velocity is slowed.  The math says that I can do this.  But I will not jump out of a perfectly good plane.  It is scary.  It feels risky.  It is out of my comfort zone.  Besides, millions of people fly in planes each year, but very few jump out of them.  The majority agree with me.

This is a little like the evangelical church.  We know that the 'laws' of walking by faith, of trusting God, of depending on His Word; all the aspects of His Truth are True.  They are true on the plane, or with the wind gently pushing our chute as we glide down.  That doesn't mean that we will jump.

Isn't it easier to trust God with a seatbelt on?

We trust God.  We believe Him.  We know His word is true.  But we are not going to jump.

What is it that God wants you to do that requires trusting Him even when it feels risky?  Who is it that you need to forgive?  What ministry is it that God wants you to participate in?  How much money does He want you to give...but if give it you cannot do _________?  Which family member is God telling you to share the gospel with?  What leap of faith are you being called to take?

Yes, we all believe God.  From our comfy chairs, our nice view and the in-flight movie playing.  But do we trust Him enough to jump?