Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I Want The Faith Of A Child

I have to admit it.  Yesterday I was overwhelmed.  I was overcome with joy.  I was taken aback by what happened.  I was proud as a father, and somewhat ashamed as a child.

When is the last time that you ‘saw’ Jesus?  I know that we don’t literally see Him with our physical eyes, but when is the last time that you ‘saw’ Him in the lives of someone else?  It happened to me yesterday.

The younger girls, from Hope (11) to Mercy (4) first gathered up many of their toys and came to us, got on their knees in their favorite ‘begging’ position when they really really really really really want something, and said, “PPPLLLEEEAAASSEEE, PPPPLLLLEEEAAAASSSSEEEE, Can we give our toys to the poor children?”

It was completely out of the blue.  They were just talking about how much they have and how little others do.  Now remember, we have 11 people in a four b/r house and all of their toys combined fit on a three level bookshelf.  However, they realized that they had far more than they needed and others had nothing. 

It did not stop there.  I came home from the office and they had decided to do something.

They want to build a church for poor people in the jungle.

You read that correctly.  They decided that they want to use their money and ability to help build a church for the poor in the jungle villages.  We had not been talking about this.  They just decided to do it.  They have started a fund to do it.  So far, they have collected $2.  They are super excited about the church that they are going to build.

Then, they asked me, “What are the top ten needs that the poor in jungle villages have?”  Before I could answer, one of them said, “Jesus”.  Another said, “Churches”.  Then they mentioned water, medicine, and houses.  Remember, these are four girls from ages 4 to 11.  On their own.


I am amazed at their childlike faith.  They really think that they are going to build a church.  You and I know that they can’t raise the money to do this, it is probably about $10,000.  Maybe you and I need more faith?  Maybe this is one of the times that Jesus was referring to when He said that we need the faith of a child?

I wish that I had their faith in the ability of God to use my inability to accomplish things for Him.  Their faith is so simple.  People need Jesus.  People need a church.  God wants people to know Jesus and have a church.  Lets do what God wants!


They really believe they can do it.   Wouldn’t it be cool if they did?

I said that I was amazed by their faith.  When is the last time that you or I simply saw a need that we new God wanted to accomplish…something that WE COULD NOT DO on our own, but we knew that God wanted it done…so we started to do it?  Isn’t that what faith is all about?  Following Christ instead of ourselves.

I am thinking, as of this moment in a brain dump while typing, about starting a fund to raise money so that they can build the church.  What do you think?  Should we work with them on this?


Susan Critelli said...

Absolutely! Who are we to say they can't do this? You have a few George(tte) Muellers here. Encourage them!

Stumbler said...

Sounds perfectly reasonable to me.