Sunday, March 17, 2013

Clearing Customs

When Denise's parents were visiting us for Christmas, we took them to the part of La Cancha where you can buy souvenirs.  While they were looking at things, I was strolling down the aisles and taking in various items.  Brass knuckles, switchblades, stuffed alligators and coca leaves were just a few of the things for sale to unknowing tourist.  I say unknowing because these things cannot be taken back to the States.  They are not allowed.  Yet people spend their money and buy them only to have them thrown in the garbage at the gate.

How does this apply to our own journey to heaven?  How much are we investing our time and energy in that won't 'pass' the gate?  How much garbage is our focus?  1 Corinthians speaks of our workds and some of them being tried by fire and burned like wood, hay and stubble.  OR we can invest our lives in eternal works for God's glory...the things that clear customs.

Are we investing in COMMODEities or are we investing in the Kingdom?