Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Elevator Lights

An interesting thing happened to me the other day. I was going to use an elevator. I pushed the up button. I know that I pushed it. It did not light up. I pushed it two more times. The light was burned out, so it never lit up. I stood there waiting and three more people walked up and pushed the same button more than once. We needed that light.  Inside, I pushed the 6. It did not lit up so I pushed it again just to be sure. So did the woman behind me after she saw me push it.

We NEEDED that affirmation. We needed to know that our effort was not in vain. It is amazing how we need feedback, positive feedback on something as small as an elevator button. I KNEW that I had pushed it. However, the little amber, "good job Joe, you pushed me" light did not come on. So I was unsure of myself.

If we need affirmation in something as small and insignificant as an elevator ride, how much more do we, and the people in our lives need affirmation? 

We are told to affirm and to encourage each other by God. Affirmation is such a big deal that, and do not miss the power of this next truth...EVERY TIME that God the Father spoke outloud to God the Son, He began by affirmation and encouragement. "You are my Son.  I love You.  You make me happy."  If God the Father felt that Jesus could use encouragement, then doesn't it make sense that the people in our lives need encouragement?

Lets take time to encourage our wives and the mother of our children. She works so hard, every moment of the day seeking to bless us and the kids. It is a tough job. A note of appreciation, some occasional flowers, maybe a special gift could mean so much.

How about your kids?  I read once that it takes ten positive words to overcome one negative one. As parents we tend to be fault finders. It is so easy to see where our kids are making mistakes and/or need to change their behavior. Why not try, this week, to identify five things that they are doing well and tell them?

Your pastor so needs some affirmation. He is working under tremendous stress and is the target of spiritual attack constantly. People readily speak out about things in the church that they don't like, but rarely say something nice. As a pastor, I can testify to how much sincere appreciation means.

The bottom line is this. Wy don't we take a lesson from an elevator button and light up when people are around. Lets help them see that their labor is not in vain.