Friday, March 15, 2013

Entitlement or Blessing

I am on my way to Miami on a business trip and I just went to the restroom. I know, TMI.  There is a point beyond my peanut sized bladder.

I went to the restroom at the back of the plane, which is where my seat is always located.  I fly 'no-class'.  I actually think that my seat has special ejection switch in case the crew has to jettison dead weight in an emergency.  Any way, walking back to my chair, I passed so much technology.  Smartphones, ipads, laptops, MP3 players, ipods, headsets, DVD players, etc.  At the same time Jay Leno was doing a monologue on the in-flight movie, and the flight attendents were preparing to pass out hot and cold drinks. 

I am typing a blog while crossing the planet at 500mph and drinking a freshly brewed hot cup of coffee as Munford and Sons plays a tune in my Bose (yea Baby, Bose) headset.  The incredible thing is that none of this seems incredible.

I took photo of a lady handwashing clothes a while back.  She was so happy. It was the first time she had ever seen a photo of herself.  She could not believe how it worked.  It was incredible to her.

I thought about how we don't think about this mind-boggling technology.  We should be like that lady looking at the photo, and instead we in our sense of entitlement simply want someting bigger, better, or faster.

Then I thought of Jesus.  Forgiveness.  Relationship.  Love. Hope. Mercy.

I thought of sins forgiven and eternal life.

I thought of my best friend and wife.  My children. My life.

I take it all for granted.  I should be awestruck at the smallest blessing, yet I just take ETERNAL LIFE WITH GOD for granted as if it were normal.  I assume that I have a right to these wonderful children.

When is the last time that you were overwhelmed with gratitude over what God has done for you?  When was the last time you just said thank you to your wife for, well for everything?  It has been a long time for me.