Friday, January 31, 2014

I Hate Photos

The other day I was going to use the camera for a ministry project and the memory card was full, so I put all the Christmas photos on my computer. 

I was shocked.  I think that my wife may be having an affair.  I had proof.  Somehow, she let her defenses down and someone took a photo, more than one, of her hugging, kissing and laughing with her lover.  I bet I had over 20 pictures of her and some fat guy, IN MY HOUSE, holding hands and being together.  Her and this fat guy were with my kids.  Here she is, getting a present from that fat guy.  She is eating beside the fat guy.  I was going to confront her when I realized something.  Her fat lover looked a lot like I did, only much fatter.  Or was he?

You know why so many people make 'lose weight' resolutions for new year? It is because they saw Christmas photos.

I look in the mirror once a day when I get ready to leave.  I slap a pea sized sqeeze of gell on my hair, rub it in, admire the handsome devil in the mirror and go my way.

I did not know that the guy in the mirror looked like the guy in the photos.  I hate photos.

I have decided to either stop having my photo made, or to make sure that all photos are from a slightly higher elevation (to hide my double chin) or from the chest up (to hide everything else). 

I was thinking about the passage in James where it says that when we are a hearer of God's word and not a doer we are like a guy who looks in the mirror.  We see what we look like...we really see ourselves...but then we leave and get busy with life.  We forget what we saw and we think that we are something else than the momentary reality revealed.

A modern re-telling would be that we are like someone who sees a photo of themself, then walks away from the computer screen and gets busy with life.  We forget what we look like and think that our fantasy is reality. 

We go to church and hear some of the many truths that we do not live out.  We see ourselves as the shallow, friendless, empty Christian that we are.  Then we get busy and forget about what we saw and we think of ourselves as passionate followers of Christ.

We hear a missionary speak of the needs of the poor, and then see all of our possession, our clutter, our storage sheds, and our sybmols of wealth.  We have a snapshot moment and see ourselves as God and the world see us.  Then the phone rings and we start once more to think of ourselves as we perceive not as we are.  We are not wealthy nor capable of helping the poor.  We think that we are almost poor, or are poor ourselves.  We don't remember the photo.

Or we do what I do.  We control the camera.  We only expose ourselves to the truths that we feel best reflect our lives. 

How about today you and I do something different?  Let's keep the photo in front of us.  THAT is who we are, is it who we ant to be?  If not, don't manipulate the image, change the reality.


Beth said...

Awesome thoughts, Joe. As always!

Mrs. G said...

I really got the gist of what you're preaching here, Joe!
Your sermon in blog form is so effective that I've already acted upon it.
I joined weight watchers!
(I did just join.)
But seriously, I lose sight of my physical and spiritual self all of the time. I think that's because I don't really like how I look in either area.
Your post does help me face up to the truth. Great analogy.