Monday, January 27, 2014


As you walk or drive through the city here, one thing that you constantly see is graffiti.  It is everywhere.

Some of it is nothing more than a paint can scribble on a wall.  Probably some type of tag.  Sometimes you see declarations of love.  Our neighbor had someone write a love note to his daughter on their wall.  I thought, “Now that is a way to win a father’s heart.”  Other times there are political protest, and sometimes pretty good art.

I was walking home and snapped these photos on the way to show you.  I was thinking about the motivation behind graffiti.  Why do people even do it?

I think it is because, in truth, we all think that we have something to say and we want to be heard.  A great example of this is the plethora of radio and television talk shows in the States.  Everyone in the audience has an uninformed opinion to shout.  Or look at Facebook and Twitter.  I have something to say and I want it to be heard.

I think that this desire is from God.  We do all have a message.  We do all have a story. The best and most worthwhile is our chapter in HIS story.  What He has done and is doing.  

Next to that, I think we need to look at our message and ask ourselves if it is worth communicating.  Does it help others?  Is it a good word?  Will others grow because of my message?

Or am I just verbally vomiting on them, tagging their ears with my ugly verbiage?

I think that we all have a message that we can tell in a good way.

What is your message?