Sunday, January 26, 2014

Passing Ispection

Pass Inspection?

I recently did something for the first time since I moved to Bolivia seven years ago.  I got my car inspected.  Truth is, for six years I have been driving ‘not quiet legal’.  Inspection lines here are sometimes (no exaggerating) 30 hours long.  You can hire people to wait and sleep in your car, and they will call you about an hour out.

It has gotten better.  I got both of my cars inspected and only had to wait nine hours in line and go back four times--three of which were the fault of the inspector.

I finally got it inspected.  I did not know what to expect about the inspect, so I made sure that mechanically everything was great.

They inspected my lights.  Then made sure that I had a fire extinguisher and reflective triangles to put out when my car breaks down.  They also checked my first aid box to see if I had band-aids and alcohol.  I guess that with the condition of the average car they can be sure that a car will break down, maybe catch on fire, and someone will get hurt.

This was all fine and good.  However, the thing that surprised me was what they did not check.  They did not check emissions.  They did not check my brakes. They did not check my steering.  They did not check my tires.  They did not check anything that ensures that my car is actually safe to drive, only safe to break down.

I thought to myself that it was strange that the important things, brakes, steering, tire condition, and emissions were ignored while a first aid box was enforced.  

A verse popped into my head.

You blind guides! You strain out a gnat but swallow a camel. (Mt. 23:24)

That pretty much describes us doesn’t it. We ignore the really important things in life, and focus or stress over what doesn’t matter.  We do this in our churches, where secondary doctrines divide Christendom.  We do this in our families when Facebook takes precedence over being with each other and we ignore our children in order to further our career.  We do this in the Kingdom where we focus on this world and our comfort and allow poverty and ignorance of the gospel to be the norm in the rest of the world.

We pass inspection, but fail the test.  

How about we start to focus on what matters, not what others say is important? 


Stumbler said...

Great post Joe.