Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Warning Signs

Warning Signs

We have a great way of informing people that something is wrong on the road.  We don’ t put out flares.  We do not have nice plastic, yellow barrels.  We don’t have reflective signs or flashing lights.

We put branches in the road.  If you are driving down the highway, and you see a few branches in the road, on the side of the road, or just ‘out of the ordinary’, then that means that something is screwy in Denmark.  

I just took these photos on the way home from the store.  We have had an overnight storm and these massive potholes are brand new and should be avoided. There were other branches at a place where a manhole cover had been washed away by the water gushing out of the ground.  You could not see that there was no longer a cover.  

The road is washed out.  The bridge is gone. There has been a landslide. There is an accident.  Someone is broken down.  A huge pothole has appeared.  The branches signify that some unknown problem is ahead, watch out for it.  We were once driving to another city in the mountains and there were a few fresh cut branches in the road.  They meant that a landslide had happened and there was no longer a road.  

Small warning for a big problem.

However, it is a warning.  That is what we need.  

The problem is not that the warning sign is not kosher, whether it is here in Bolivia or in life.  It is that we ignore it.  We are too busy to see it, or we just think that it doesn’t apply to us.  Then, we crash, damage or destroy something.

In life, we have warning signs as well.  Maybe your increased pant size is telling you that you have succumbed to the sin of gluttony.  Do we ignore it and just buy bigger clothes, or do we repent?  

Are you easily angered at your children’s disobedience or childlike mistakes?  Could be that you have unresolved bitterness in your heart and your anger is warning you that you need to forgive.  

Do you find yourself thinking bad thoughts or ‘what you could have said’, or judging the motivation of your spouse?  A warning sign that you are not communicating, or that you need to love and forgive.

Do you find yourself constantly judging what the pastor said or should have said?  Do you go to church on a regular basis, but never change anything in your daily life?  Could be a warning sign of self-righteousness.

Do you have a job but very little money or disposable income?  Is that a branch trying to block you from driving into coveting, greed or the love of money?

We need to learn to listen to and watch for the warning signs. They are almost always there before the disaster hits.


Patti Gregory said...

,, so good!! I remember you often saying that when a red light shows up on the dashboard of your car - - you'd better pay attention to it!!!! Thank you for that reminder! God bless you. ;-)