Friday, May 9, 2014

Off To The Jungle

Give us a quick prayer as you read this, we will be in the jungle all next week doing some fun stuff..

Here is what is up.

Our friend and co-missionary Tony Murrin is a mission pilot with a heart for unreached people.  He has a vision of starting 10 churches in 10 villages in 10 years.  We have volunteered to do what we can to help him accomplish his vision.

God is working.  If you haven't watched this before, check out this video:

Then, not long after, here is the answer..

So, thanks to God working through 2Rivers Church from St. Louis, we are heading to the jungle.

All of us except for Seth and Jacob are going.  Caleb and Benjamin are spending the summer with us and will be there to help us.  Here is what is going on.

We will fly over 100 miles in a mission plane to the village of Ushve.  There we will build a church that looks like this.

This is in the neighboring village of Oromomo.
While we are building the church, we will be doing other things as well.  We will hold a week long children's camp, show movies to the village every night, and we have two doctors and a dentist with us to do medical/dental ministry.  We will also be doing evangelism and evangelistic events.  
It is going to be a blast.

This is where the church will actually be.

Here are the only believers in the village setting posts in preparation of the team coming.

Please pray for us to be used by God.



Diane said...

This is so cool! We will be praying for you and looking forward to updates.. you will be able to post updates, won't you?

Delwyn Bond said...

Hi Joe, this is Delwyn (Friend of Judith Melvin from Northgate Baptist New Zealand) We will be praying for you and look forward to hearing how you get on .