Saturday, January 14, 2017

Wear Your Helmet

You can see that this photo is not from Bolivia. However, this is a normal scene. I tried taking photos, but they are always too blurry to use. In Bolivia, there is a helmet law. The driver, not passengers, but the driver is required by law to wear a helmet. 75% of them drive with no helmet. Another 24% carry their helmet on their wrist. If a policeman pulls them over, they put it on. The final 1% actually wear a helmet. 

I drove a moto for three years here. I sold it last year. I always wore a helmet. I had four more helmets because everyone on the bike had to have a helmet, and sometimes there would be three or four of us on it. After all, it is Bolivia. :)

Why is it that people do not wear helmets? 

When I was working on a night shift in Texas, one day on the way to work I passed an accident that had recently happened. The motorcycle rider was dead at the scene. He would have probably survived with a helmet. That same day, on the way home from work at 3 in the morning, I was the first to arrive at a scene where a rider slid on water in the street from a sprinkler system. It was not pretty. He too, was dead from head injuries. I believe a helmet would have saved his life, based upon what I saw. 

In September of 2015, I was driving down Rte. 7 in Loudoun County, Virginia. A group of bikers passed me, all riding double. A few minutes later I rounded a curve and two bikes were in the road, one still sliding. I quickly stopped and went to render aide. There were a couple of broken bones, and one person obviously had a concussion. That was it. They had been going 60mph and hit a slick spot in the road. Every one of them had on a helmet.  

We can read statistic after statistic about how dangerous it is to ride a bike without a helmet. Yet, people continue to do it. You know why? Forget all of the reasons that are listed, the bottom line is this: We do not believe that we will have an accident. It will not happen to us. 

You see, those bad things happen to other people. I am immune. I am immortal. I am safe. 

We know that is silly, yet we believe it when it is us. That is because we do the same thing when it comes to protecting ourselves from temptation and sin.

What do you actively do to protect yourself from temptation? 

We have a saying in my house that goes like this, "The best way to prevent sin is to prevent temptation." No one would ever sin if they were not tempted to do so. Temptation is the lure that leads us to sin. 

So, what do you do to protect yourself from temptation? Chances are, you have no answer to this question. In other words, you are riding through life helmet less because it will not happen to you

Even though the Bible says, Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed that he does not fall.(1 Corinthians 10:12) Even thought there are many verses that say things like, "Do not be deceived", "Do not deceive yourselves", "Watch and pray", "Be on guard", etc.  Those verses do not apply to us. We do not need a helmet.

Or do we?

There are two surefire ways to avoid sin. The first is to avoid the opportunity. For example, I will never commit adultery on my wife if I am never alone with another woman. The second way to avoid sin is avoid temptation. 

Are you proactively seeking to avoid situations that could result in sin?

Are you proactively seeking to avoid temptation? 

What do you do to protect yourself from coveting, envy, and jealousy? Ride without helmet?

What do you do to protect yourself from bitterness and anger? Ride without a helmet?

What do you do to protect yourself from gluttony? Ride without a helmet?

What do you do to protect yourself from lustful thoughts? Ride without a helmet?

What do you do to protect yourself from _________________?

God told us to put on the armor of God for a reason. Protect our thoughts, our heart, and where we go.

Put on your really could happen to you. 

Just a thought.