Monday, October 26, 2009


Pastors praying at a conference I led.

I had a fantastic time this past Sunday. Every last Sunday of the month, our mission team gets together from 3-5 for prayer. For me, it is a time of refreshing.

However, yesterday I noticed something, and for those of you there, no judgement just an observation.

We divided into groups to pray, men and women--we usually don't but we did this time. When we divided, I went to the restroom during the commotion of switching chairs, and then had something on my mind so I stepped behind a wall to look at a Bible passage. I decided to wait until the men stopped talking, and then sneak into the back chair to join in the prayer.

Now, I could not see them, but I knew exactly when they started praying. Before praying, their voices were normal, relaxed, conversational. Then, the prayer voice started. Now I do the same thing, but it just struck me as strange.

Why is talking to God so much different than talking to you? Sure, He is God, but He is also my Dad, my best friend, my husband, my groom, my lover, my brother...all of those are Biblical images of Him. He is to be the most intimate relationship of my life. Now, I am not talking about those moments when we are worshipping or confessing...I am just talking about talking. Why do we talk to God in a different tone of voice than with our spouse? Why do we use different vocabulary and phrases (bless the hands that prepared this food for the nourishment of our body and give traveling grace to those who are with us only in spirit as they journey to...). Why do we go into our prayer mode?

Once more, I do it also...but why?

I think I need to focus more on my love relationship with Him...then maybe I will begin to speak more to someone I love than to someone I know of...maybe that is why I go formal with God. I am not comfortable enough to be informal?

Just a thought,


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Friday, October 23, 2009

Book Delivery

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Package From England

Received a packaged today from a friend that I have never met. Enjoy

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dining In La Cancha

Check this will give you a new perspective. By the way, the shaky camera is not an artistic endeavor, it is a hidden cam...I did not want to be huber obvious.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Travel Documents

We had another fun time with getting things done. Denise is taking Jacob (19 year old) back to the states. Jacob is going to start working to save up money for college. She is also taking our 1 year old daughter with her.

Bolivia has a law that does not let a parent travel alone with a child unless the other parent has given them written permission. This is more than a letter. You have to do a gazillion things to get it....or do you?

We were given a list of things that we needed to take. We went to the Custody of Children Court to process things. The man showed us a list of about 25 things that we were supposed to do, including proving that our certified original birth certificate is a certified birth certificate by having the people that certified it certifiy that they certified it. (Honest)

After chatting with him, he told us that we did not have to do all of the things on the list, or on the list that we had been given. But we did have to do something else. We had to go get 3 photos of Mercy with any color background we wanted. Only, we could not get it done before lunch, so we had to come back at 2:30. Now this was at 11:20, and the one minute photo place was across the street, less than 20 yards away. Why could we not get this done before lunch? Because he showed us that his clock was 30 minutes fast and that was what he used for lunch.

So, we got the photos and waited for three hours. When he came back, he filled out all of the forms, but first I had to pay for the form to fill out, 20 bolivianos. After the form was filled out, he said that we needed three copies, so I had to take the form and go to a copy center and get three copies. I did that. Came back. He said I needed an extra copy of Mercys passport. I had to go get a copy. I did that. Came back. He said I needed to go purchase a manilla folder to put my paperwork in so that he could put it in the filing system (a pile of papers wrapped with a string about four feet high, dating back to 2002...honest). I went and purchased a folder.

He put all the documents in the folder, put the folder on his desk, and told me to come back on Monday.

I went back on Monday. He opened up the apparantly untouched folder, and gave me the original document that I had to have the three copies made. The other copies were still in the folder.

Oh well. Now Denise has permission to travel with Mercy and without me, but only for one month.

Fun Fun Fun.

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