Wednesday, June 2, 2010

First Impressions

We got off of the plane in Miami. Here are first impressions, good and bad, of coming back. 99% of these things I would not have ever noticed had we not lived in Bolivia long enough to change our perspectives.

Efficient—the US Customs is very efficient and friendly.

Mad—People in the USA get angry easily. As we walked through the airport, paying attention to detail, there were a lot of griping people.

Big—Everything is spacious…HUGE is the word.

Clean—trashcans all over the place and people putting things in them.

Shopping—the Miami airport has more stores than the largest ‘mall’ in Cochabamba, a city of almost 1 million people…and every store had people buying overpriced items non-stop.

Food—lots of it and it is GOOD. (my taste)

Food—did I say lots of it. We ate our first North American meal and they brought us enough food to feed a village.

High Pressure Water—the showers in the hotel had a lot pressure…what a difference from Bolivia…I cannot stress how nice high pressure showers are—don’t take them for granted people!

Credit Cards—you can use them everywhere. We haven’t used credit cards in three years, here you can rent a cart to carry your luggage with one.

Just a few quick impressions as I turn in for the night.

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