Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Battle Of The Bugs

The girls were sitting in the floor by Denise and she thought that she saw something. She called them over and looked at their hair. She could not believe it. They had lice. Not just a little louse, or even a few lice. It was Lice Metro. Thousands of lice had set up an entire world in their hair. We could not believe it. We had lived on the mission field for three and one-half years and never had them. Now we were in Loudoun County Virginia and had an infestation. We think that they caught them from someone at church, because we cannot figure out where else they came from.

Here we are, almost three weeks and $100 later and we think that we have defeated them. It was amazing how much work it took. Washing their hair in insecticide shampoo, then soaking their hair with olive oil and wrapping it in saran wrap at night, washing sheets, blankets and pillow cases on hot every day were the most time consuming part of the process. Denise also had to comb their scalp in two square inch sections and dig out the egg sacks and dead lice. They missed three weeks of church because we did not want to have evangelistic mice venturing to the mission field of others kid's heads.

I was thinking about this and how it related to our lives. You know, for most of us, it isn't the big sin that gets us. It is the 'little' vices. (I know this is erroneous theology--but you understand what I am saying).

We are not out murdering babies through abortion. We are not embezzling funds. We are not cheating on our husbands or wives. We are not ___________ (fill in the blank with your mad lib verbal sin).

It is not the big is the constant little sins that undermine us. The angry retorts, the bad attitudes, the unforgiving heart, the judgmental spirit and the self-righteous soul are the ones that nibble at our heads and suck the spiritual life out of us. It is the harsh way that we respond to our rebellious teenager and in the unkind manner we treat the cashier at WalMart. It is the music we listen to and the things we let not just flow through our minds but take us residence there. These are the internal lice that eat away at us.

However, the good news is that the treatment is easy, fast and complete. It is called Calvary. Why not go there right now!

Faith with head wrapped up in olive oil and saran wrap.

Mercy following her sister's example

The saran wrap singers

Mercy doesn't seem too bothered by her new doo.

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Too Many Options

I went to blockbuster the other day for the first time in 1,285 days (really, I did the math just for fun). I was in the store for about 45 minutes, and then left. Know what I rented? Was it a sinful ‘R’, a border line ‘PG-13’, a questionable ‘PG’, or an acceptable Veggie Tales?

After 45 minutes I left the store empty handed. Do you know why? I simply had way too many choices. I could not make up my mind. I only had time to watch one movie, and if I picked this one, then I could not watch that one…and that other one looks really great! Hey, here is an action, a romantic comedy, a family or a drama. There were new releases, manager’s choices, summer blockbusters, past Oscar winners, and employee picks. There were classics, westerns, and my favorite, science fiction. I could watch foreign films or Bollywood (whatever that is). I was overloaded.

I went out to eat with some donors to say ‘Thank You’ for their support of us. The menu had 12 pages…seriously, 12 pages! There were 9 hamburgers to choose from. Here are the questions I was asked.

“What do you want to drink?” Tea.

“Fruit tea or normal?” Normal.

“Sweetened or unsweetened?” Unsweetened.

“Would you like a sugar substitute?” No thankyou.

“What would you like to eat?” Steak

“How would you like that cooked?” Medium well

“It comes with two sides, what would you like?” Here I was stumped because there were 10 sides to choose from. I finally settled on a bake potato and salad.

“Garden salad or Ceasar?” Garden

“What type of dressing? House, Ranch, Thousand Island, Blue Cheese, French, or Vinegar?” I was starting to get worn down like when you child keeps asking the same question three hundred times. I settled on Ranch.

“Would you like butter on your baked potato?” Yes.

“Sour cream?” Yes.”

“Chives?” (in an Eeyore sounding voice) Yes.

“Bacon bits?” AAGGGGHHHHH!!!! Just bring me something to eat I don’t care!!!!!!

The same scenario happened with everyone else.

Options and options and options. It is an American value. We have so many choices. Count the various chip options that you have, or soft drink options, the next time you go to the store. Look at your closet and see how many shirts (or women—shoes) that you have to pick from.

We have so many choices to make every day that we are bogged down with them. We leave the store empty handed, or worse than that, with buyers remorse because rather than feel grateful for what we have, we wonder if we should have picked something else.

So, here is the point where I usually have a spiritual application. I really don’t have one except maybe that this passage could apply:

(Luke 10:41-42) But the Lord answered and said to her, "Martha, Martha, you are worried and bothered about so many things; but only one thing is necessary, for Mary has chosen the good part, which shall not be taken away from her."

Are we bogged down and bothered by so many irrelevant choices, that we are too tired to make the right choice about what really matters?

Just A Thought,

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