Wednesday, July 20, 2011

27 Years With My Best Friend

Facts About Denise

Some You May Know, Others Not. Denise…

· Started dating me when she was 14 years old. I am the only boyfriend she has ever had. I had to snag her before she was old and wise enough to pick someone better.

· Became engaged as a Jr. in High School when she was 16 years old.

· Graduated High School in May, turned 18 in June and got married in July…27 years ago.

· Graduated with a 4.0 and received two scholarships. One was a full ride Presidential Scholarship to Dallas Baptist University.

· After a year or so as a mathematics major at DBU, even though she had a 4.0 gpa, she felt that her calling in life was to devote herself to the Kingdom, her husband, her home and her kids. She left school to be a full time homemaker.

· Climbed to the peak, without oxygen, of a 17,000 ft. mountain in the Andes.

· Parasailed, snorkeled in the Caribbean, and scuba dived in St. Thomas.

· Has not only been 17,000 ft. above sea level, she took a submarine ride to 500 ft. below sea level.

· Rock climbed, kayaked and canoed in the Rocky Mountains.

· Been to England, Netherlands, Italy, France, Burkina Fasol, Ghana, Belize, Panama, Mexico, St. Marteen, and a few islands in the Eastern and Western Caribbean.

· Been in 41 of the 50 States.

· Lived in 14 different houses.

· First home was a trailer house we moved into when we got married. Denise was a Texas Redneck.

· Had her own horse all her life until late High School.

· Her first car was a Camaro.

· Has 11 children who were born in three different states and on three different continents.

· Has taught hundreds in various formats.

· Been published in two different magazines, on the radio, and television.

· Turned down a chance to be on Nightline in a homeschooling segment.

· Was invited to the Presidential Ball for President Bush.

· Has been given private tours of both the White House and the Capitol.

· On two occasions literally gave away all her (our) money to the poor (I just smiled and waved).

· Has had two World Vision children.

· Helped at least five other people adopt internationally.

· Led many people to faith in Christ.

· Homeschooled two kids for all the way through High School and has nine more to go.

· So far has changed over 41,000 diapers. (5/day for 23 years).

· Plays the piano and clarinet.

· Volunteered in different retirement homes for over three years playing piano for worship services.

· Gave away a lot and walked away from the rest of her belongings, including her dream home, to serve Christ on the mission field.

Denise is the most Christ-like person that I have ever met. She is my love, best friend, and confidant. I want to be like her when I grow up.

Thank you Denise for 27 wonderful years. If Jesus doesn’t return, I look forward to at least 50 more!

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